Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Memories of a blond eight year old girl growing up in Trojan, South Dakota" by Elaine Fish Casteel DHS55

Elaine joins Yvonne Spaulding Hendrickson DHS53 as known DHS Classmate published authors.  The genre of Elaine’s book is history, youth, adventure, nature, mining, and inspirational.  It started as a canvas painting and then was followed by her written memory of early youth in Trojan SD.  The town of Trojan is now just a memory of a dot on the map of the Black Hills near Nevada Gluch. 

I found Elaine’s book poignantly written about her early school years at the Trojan School.  She writes about the times, her family, Trojan, and the Bald Mountain Mining Company (also gone).  Her memories capture those long ago times when kids were never bored.

Deadwood Archeologist and Lawrence County Historical Society (LCHS) President, Jerry Bryant, previewed Elaine’s book and is pleased with the historical references and the reminder of a youth’s view of life.  A number of other published historians are also reviewing her book. 



Trojan, the town Elaine Fish Casteel had lived in during her formative years would soon not exist! Museums and gift shops had no books or pictures of what it had been.  Her heritage was gone, leaving an emptiness inside!  From that emptiness, she created an oil painting and as she painted, memories flowed down the roads of the community and the stories formed in her heart.

That oil painting became the cover and the stories became the book:  
"Memories of a blond eight year old girl growing up in TROJAN SOUTH DAKOTA (which no longer exists except in memories)".

Elaine will be signing copies of the new book at the new Deadwood Grand Mountain during the Deadwood High School Reunion, September 10.  She and the books will be available between 5 and 6 pm.

Another book signing will be September 7, 2pm to 3pm, at the Prairie Edge Trading Company in Rapid City SD.

Elaine and her husband, Perry Casteel, graduated from Deadwood High School in 1955 and 1953 respectively.  They currently reside in Shelbyville Tennessee where they own and operate a vineyard and winery.

Elaine has her own web site under construction here and you can buy her book here.


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