Friday, April 30, 2010

Patsy's Day and Mother's Day at Deadwood's Historic Adams House

In honor of W.E. Adams’ beloved dog, Patsy, and to benefit the Twin City Animal Shelter, the Historic Adams House will host Patsy’s Day on Saturday, May 8, 2010.

Patsy is show on the left. I am told that she is one of several bull dogs named "Patsy" that Adams owned. The image is from the => Adams House FaceBook web site.

Visitors need only bring a pet food item or any pet product to be donated to the shelter in order to receive a free tour of the 1892 Queen Anne-style Victorian home. Tours are given on a first come, first served basis, with tours every half hour from 9:00 a.m. with the last tour at 4:00 p.m. For more information call 578-3724. For information about adopting a pet in need or to make a monetary contribution, call the Twin City Animal Shelter at 605-584-2480.

The Historic Adams House continues its Mother’s Day tradition by offering free guided tours to all mothers on Sunday, May 9, 2010. Tours are given on a first come, first served basis, with tours every half hour beginning at 9:00 a.m. with the last tour at 4:00 p.m. For more information call 578-3724. Parking for the Historic Adams House, 22 Van Buren Ave. is available in front of the historic home or in the Sherman Street parking lot next to First Interstate Bank.

This event is co-sponsored by the Deadwood Historic Preservation Commission, Adams-Mastrovich Family Foundation, Saloon No. 10, Black Hills Pioneer and the Rapid City Journal.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Deadwood Born Reclusive Actress, Bainbridge Island Resident Dorothy Provine Dies

Dorothy Provine, part Hollywood blond bombshell and part girl next door, has died. See her video.

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The Bainbridge Island resident and former film and television actress succumbed to emphysema on Sunday morning at Hospice of Kitsap County in Bremerton, according to her husband, veteran director Robert Day.

She was 75, according to her husband.

“Beautiful,” was how a broken-hearted Day responded when asked to describe his wife, best-known for her role in the 1963 blockbuster “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.”

Day said he married Provine in Las Vegas 43 years ago, and soon after she left acting. They had one son.

“I mean, we both loved each other so much,” Day said.

The couple came to Bainbridge Island about 20 years ago, and both, especially Dorothy, kept very much to themselves.

“She was very reserved. We really didn’t socialize very much,” Day said.

But they enjoyed their private world.

The couple used to go for drives on the island, and she loved watching movies, but even more, enjoying a good book.

“That was her main joy,” Day said.

The couple lived on Finch Road, and their son lived on the same property.

Provine was at Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton last week.

“She was clearly suffering,” said her attending physician, Dr. Rana Tan.

Tan is also the director of “Cabaret” at Bremerton Community Theatre. On Thursday, nine cast members appeared at the hospital, and with a piano moved from the lobby to Provine’s second-floor room, they sang song after song from the popular musical. Provine, still stunning, slim and blond hair in a ponytail, smiled widely and wiggled her toes in delight as she sat up in bed and listened.

“We probably sang about six, six or seven songs,” Tan tallied. “She was absolutely beside herself.”

But the “Cabaret” cast members, perhaps unknowingly, were singing the final swan song for a famous actress.

“I think it was a greater experience for us,” Tan said.

A little more than two days later, Provine was dead.

Provine was born Jan. 20, 1935, in Deadwood, S.D. and attended the University of Washington. She was at home both on the big screen and on the one in living rooms.

Her flawless face with wide smile and blond bouffant were common on TV during the 1950s and 1960s. But it was her role as Pinky Pinkham, the not-to-be-forgotten flapper in “The Roaring ‘20s” that captured the imagination of many.

Some of her movies included “The Bonnie Parker Story” (1958), a role she got just three days after arriving in Hollywood, according to the Internet Movie Database at Movies that followed included “Riot in Juvenile Prison” (1959); “Live Fast, Die Young” (1958) and “The 30-Foot Bride of Candy Rock “(1959). Her last movies before her early departure from acting included “Good Neighbor Sam” (1964); and “Never a Dull Moment” (1968).

Fittingly, no public service is planned.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chan Biggs Announces DHS60 50th Reunion

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Here are a couple of images from the DHS Class of 1960. The guy at the computer is me. I am responsible for Reunion coordination and communication for this time. The group image is some of those who attended our 46th Class Reunion in 2006 and who took a tour of the old High School.

Our DHS60 50th Reunion is this coming July 22-24 in Deadwood. We will have a social gathering at the VFW on the 22nd, a dinner/dance at the VFW on the 23rd and a picnic in City Park on the 24th.

The Thursday night social at the VFW will be open to anyone who wants to stop by; and say hello. The Friday night dinner at the VFW will be by RSVP only and I must have names at least one month in advance. Entertainment after the dinner will also be open.

Saturday's picnic at the City Park is open, for food will again be by advance RSVP only. Payment must be sent to me ahead of time, and the amount will be determined in (I hope) the near future - depends upon which and how many options the folks want.

People can call or mail me at: 3925 6th Ave.S Great Falls, 59405

Note: Chan has a neat BEAR on his PC screen!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Treber Family History and Family Heirloom Pendant

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I recently had the pleasure to talk to John Treber’s great grandchildren. David Treber DHS58 and his wife June Korpi Treber LHS58 (Lead High School) are very friendly and shared interesting information for dhsclassmates web site.

John Treber (age 24) moved to Deadwood in 1877 and started the "Herrmann and Treber, Wholesale Liquor Merchants". Their sign is prominent in the above famous picture of early Deadwood. In later years it became a one owner business.

Treber (as shown on the left) was an active part of Deadwood Business Club that guided Deadwood as it matured. John’s cigar, liquor, spirits business prospered as did his reputation for quality products. John was born in Germany and migrated to St. Louis where he excelled with his brewing ability. He became life long friends with Adolphus Busch of the famous Anheuser-Busch. In later years, Busch obtained John Treber's release from a German prison. John was on a visit to his homeland when he was sent to prison for leaving Germany without serving a military duty requirement. After 5 months of ineffectual government wrangling, Mrs. Treber made a personal plea to Busch. Busch contacted his close friend Kaiser Wilhelm II and John was quickly released from prison. John and his family happily returned to Deadwood.

John's business grew as did the relationship with Busch. John imported the AB beer from St. Louis. His own beer was also of the highest quality. John built a large building behind and across from the Bullock Hotel.

1904 Treber Building center right, from John Korneman Collection

His building, at the foot of Brown Rocks, housed all of his businesses and high technology production facilites. John had his own stable building too. In his quest for quality products, John also imported the unique liqueur Benedictine, a French gourmet spirits product of plants and spices. It was considered to also have medicinal properties which helped with Deadwood area sales

After John's death in 1936, his 7,000+ sq. ft. home was converted into a large number of apartments. The home, then apartments, was located on Deadwood President's Hill. It sadly burned down in 1991.

June and David Treber enjoy being part of a group of Treber family historians. June rightfully remains proud of her Lead High School (LHS) and noted the LHS58 classmate link

This extensive link also shows an embedded information link about The 2010 All Lead/Deadwood High School Reunion this coming July 1-3, 2010. The reunion details are listed in the commercial "Classmates" site that requires membership to view.

Another interesting item June shared with me is an image of a Treber Family heirloom gold colored pendant. It is in shape of football and is inscribed “DHS 27”. It is about ¾ of an inch in length. I believe the original DHS colors were gold and black and then changed to orange and black. 1927 might have been the change event commeration.

Courtesy Copyrighted Treber Family Collection Image

I hope to have more articles about the Treber family history


April 17, 2010: Florida Beach Basics has left a new comment on your post "Treber Family History and Family Heirloom Pendant":
how interesting - thanks to all for sharing both the memories and the photos. marge

Monday, April 12, 2010

Woody Williamson Died Unexpectedly in Alabama

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Walter "Woody" Williamson is shown here in his 1956 DHS graduation picture. He was retired and has been in poor health for some time. He passed away unexpectedly on April 8, 2010 while on a trip to Alabama.

Woody majored in Business Administration at Notre Dame and raised to Senior Executive positions in both Bekins Van and Storage and North American Van Lines.

No services are planned at this time. Those wishing to contact Joyce can do so at 2024 Whippoorwill, Carrollton, TX 75006.

By a terrible coincidence, his wife Joyce was also seriously ill and in the same Alabama hospital with Woody. She had to have major surgery. She will return to Texas today with Woody's cremated remains. All these events were too much for the family to plan the usual obituary and burial. Woodie's obituary and burial plans will be announced soon.

Woody and Joyce would have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in June. 2010
Woody and I only reconnected by email in recent years. We shared common views on politics, email stuff, Deadwood history, and his marvelous view of life and humor. He gave me great ideas/experiences to write about on this web site, like the jeep accident on White Rocks where Bill Beshara was nearly killed. Woody's retelling of the events around the accident were humorous. After the accident he run down the hill to get help. But in his panicked mind, what he feared most was facing his Dad, other involved parents, his Priest, and most other adults. Running in the dark, he collided with the Bullock grave enclosure.

Last summer I visited Mt. Moriah, some physically able friends walked up the White Rocks road and verified the Bullock grave is right where Woody told in his story.

Woody was, no doubt, the king of humor. He loved DHS, the teachers/administrators/staff, and all us DHS classmates. He was always respectful of authority and doing the right thing. He was proud of his Catholic upbringing in Deadwood. He may not have been of great physical size but he was a giant of self pride and respect. He simply expected the same from all that he knew or met.

I feel that Woody was very content with his life and family. He was the bearer of goodwill. He expressed the success of his career goals and the importance of family, faith, and friends. His fond memories of Life in Deadwood showed the importance it also shared in his total life experience.

We will miss Woody and his smile.


April 12. 2010: Florida Beach Basics has left a new comment on your post "Woody Williamson Died Unexpectedly in Alabama":

so sorry to hear this. I had gotten a nice email from Woody and Joyce in January 2009, with news of their children and grandchildren. I will always remember Woody the basketball player. condolances to the family.

April 13, 2010: Thanks so much, Dick. A great tribute to Woody. Kay N.

April 16, 2010: Hi Dick; Thank you for letting us know about Woody. He was such a great athlete and classmate at DHS. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and family. Peggy H

Friday, April 9, 2010

Little Children Say Such True Things

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Classmate and Author Yvonne Hendrickson Reports Alzheimer’s Disease Effects Claimed Her Husband Ken on March 26, 2010

Yvonne Spaulding Hendrickson DHS53 sent me a short email of Ken’s death. He battled Alzheimer’s for some time. This horrible disease gradually destroyed Ken’s brain/memory and the ability to do all the activities he loved to do. He knew what was happening to him and depended on Yvonne to help with every daily activity and all modesty was lost. He did keep his ability to know and recognize Yvonne and family members right to the end. Other medical complications and phenomena took his life quickly on his final day.

They plan a Family and Friends Celebration of Life next Saturday, April 10, 2010. According to his last wishes he was cremated. Ken’s additional humorous request for the Celebration is a hearty meal as his close friend is a big eater. Yvonne says that a Alzheimer symptom is loss of taste. However, Ken did kept his taste for sweets until the end.

Music was the core of Ken’s life and also shared by Yvonne. They were close friends of Vern Clark, the famous DHS Band Teacher. Ken will be especially missed by his close knit fellow musicians. He played a base fiddle so his contribution was like the musical heart beat of all the bands he played with.

Yvonne has weathered this horrible experience with a profound understanding of Alzheimer’s disease. Her descriptions of the events and daily trials are very moving . . . she is a strong, loving person. She remains a tireless supporter of anything related to Deadwood High School and cares deeply about her classmates. Yvonne is also a dear friend of mine and a long time supporter of the dhsclassmates web site. She has written a book and contributed a number of web site articles. See Yvonne's Deadwood Book Signing and other articles related to Yvonne.

Let me know if you need Yvonne’s contact information . . . The Tacoma News Tribune will have a Kenneth B. Hendrickson obituary tomorrow. A more personal obit will follow in the Black Hills news soon.