Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Important Update ~ 2011 DHS Reunion ~ September 10th Evening Event ~ Open & Easy Attendance

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Dick:  How's it going?  Classmates should select image above to view menu from the Deadwood Mountain Grand (old Deadwood Slime Plant) for the dinner on the 10th of Sep.  They will not offer a buffet for less than 50 people.  We will not have 50.  But, we might see over 40 show up!  Good turnout on such a short notice event.  It is good that we can still get together for a dinner.  Shows how special and unique we Deadwood Grads still are.

The party at the Deadwood Mountain Grand will be at the Slime Plant Bar & Lounge area on the main level.  It will start about 6PM for Happy Hour and dinner around 7PM or whenever you get hungry.  Everyone will be ordering from a menu and will pay for his or her own order.  Any refreshments from the bar will also be on his or her own tab.  The menu's cost run from $4 to $51 (55 oz. Porterhouse Steak) plus tax and tip.   There is a wide selection so everyone should find what they want.  

We are open to any Deadwood High School Grad, there is no Class Year restriction.  So all are welcome to come.  If you can make it please let me know so I can advise the Deadwood Mountain Grand Sales Manager on the number of grads coming to the dinner.  See everyone in Deadwood on Sep 9 and 10.

During the DMG evening event Elaine Fish Casteel DHS55 will have a book signing of her new book;
"Memories of a blond eight year old girl growing up in
South Dakota . . ."
The historical town of Trojan has been torn down and no longer exists.  Trojan School, the last building standing, was torn down about a year ago.  Elaine poignantly writes about her first school years at the Trojan School.  She also writes about the times, her family, Trojan, and the Bald Mountain Mining Company (also gone).  There is not much published about Trojan.  Elaine’s book captures Trojan history and will provide researchers interesting references.   Also there are not many published DHS classmate authors.  Yvonne Spalding Hendrickson DHS53 is another known author.

Morris "Top" Toppila


Tom Martin said...

What a great idea! Looking forward to seeing you on the 10th!
Tom & Linda Martin

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