Saturday, November 22, 2008

For Great South Dakota Products Bill Beshara DHS55 Announces a new 2011 Catalog

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Bill and Wanda (Dakota Pride Manager) have streamlined and focused on their own unique Dakota Pride tm products and for 2011 they have a completely new on-line catalog process.

Bill's best-of-the-best BBQ Sauce is now available in a bottle. He developed it over many years of restaurant use and it is now available in his secret formula.  Try it!

Wanda is charge of the Cashew Crunch as seen on Andy Rooney’s "60 Minutes"!  All the candy is made right there in the Black Hills of South Dakota, with pure butter, sugars and a coconut topping. They cook it in small batches with all natural ingredients, no preservatives, artificial color or flavorings.  For 2011 there is chocolate covered crunch including caramels and mint.  This whole line of hand made candies are wonderful.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meteor Fire on Spearfish Crow Peak

The South Dakota Magazine reported a sighted meteor striking Crow Peak and causing a forest fire on November 6, 2008.  For those who have forgotten Crow Peak is largest mountain West of Spearfish.  The publication reports in part "Our good buddy Grant Peterson of Depot Radio in Brookings told us this week that his son, Randee, saw a meteor falling from the sky onto Crow Peak shortly before a forest fire was reported there last week. He lives in Spearfish, and has a good view of the mountain from his deck.  Fortunately, the fire was quickly contained by firefighters. It only burned a few acres. The official cause was unknown, but authorities said it was possible that a meteor ignited the forest brush."

Picture view from the Attic Room at Aunt Apple's Inn, Spearfish SD

Friday, November 7, 2008

True Thought from Funky Winkerbean today 11-06-08

I don't think Winkerbean will mind that we dhsclassmates share this profound truism.

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