Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Deadwood Mountain Grand February 28, 2012

Grand Opening April 2012

Picture courtesy of Deadwood Mountain Grand

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Golddiger Basketball Team Dedicate Game to Deadwood Bears and St. Patrick’s by Molly Frawley

Molly Frawley
2009 file

On Friday, February 10th 2012, the Lead –Deadwood Golddiggers had a home basketball game. They dedicated the game to the teams from the past, i.e. The Deadwood Bears and St. Patrick's. The Lead team appeared in orange and black tee shirts over their regular uniforms. The coach, Mark Gould, wore a black shirt with an orange tie. He personally called and invited any local members of the state championship team to attend the game. Those able to be there were Hank Frawley and Willie Steinlicht. Hank was invited to speak to the team in the locker room before the game. (I’m sure it was inspiring.) Before the game, the announcer introduced Hank and Willie and then proceeded to give a recap of the the 1954 championship games and named all the team members. Hank, Willie and Molly were presented with tee shirts like the team wore. The announcer then asked for all graduates and /or students from St. Patrick’s and Deadwood High School to stand. It was very nice to be part of this. 
Molly- Hank’s secretary

Hank Frawley
2009 file

Willie Steinlicht
2009 file
Hank, Bennett Michael, and Molly
October 2011

Monday, February 6, 2012

Original SD State Flag to Remain Unchanged by Bill Beshara DHS1955

Proposed SD Flag Design

To: Bill Beshara February 06, 2012

Bill, thank you for writing sir, we are being bombarded by very angry South Dakotan's on this flag change.  It is VERY obvious they do not want this legislature messing with their flag.  Actually sir, that dumb flag design died a much deserved death this morning in committee; it's gone, never to be resurrected.

 SD Rep Don Kopp  

SD State Flag
SD State Seal included on State Flag