Thursday, August 23, 2012

dhsclassmates joins FaceBook

dhsclassmates has added a closed group to FaceBook called "Deadwood High School 1876 - 1885 & 1886 - 1971".  This group is an overdue social interchange method for classmates, teachers, administrators, staff, DHS friends, and honorary members. Closed means only group members can read and comment. This provides a degree of security to comment content.

Contact me and I will send you invitation for membership.  Of course provide me with your FB name 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DHS All School Dinner Party and Picnic, September 7-8 2012 by Morris Toppila


Thanks to all you DHS Grads who said YES to a Dinner Party Sep 7!  There are now some 30 Alumni and friends who will be coming to the dinner Sep 7 and the picnic Sep 8 to date.  You are good and loyal DHS schoolmates, thanks for the fast reply.  We will have a great Gathering - That's what it's all about.

Now the rest of the news:

Friday Evening Dinner:  Sep 7, 2012

Place:  Silverado Casino Restaurant and Buffet.  The Silverado will provide the DHS Grads a reserved sit down spot in the Buffet Eating Area (downstairs just below the main casino).  This is not in the Franklin Hotel, it is the old Ford Garage across the street from the school, next to the Masonic Lodge building on Main St.  
Time:  5:00 PM

Menu:  Silverado's New Vegas Style Buffet.  Top of Main, Deadwood, SD
Since it is a Friday you can enjoy all the Alaskan Crab you can Crack and  all the Prime Rib you can Eat!  The Buffet includes everything from salads to pizza, so you should be able to find whatever you like.  There is also a wide selection of deserts as well.

Cost:  $23.49 w/tax including a non-alcoholic drink.  Each individual will be responsible for his or her own bill.  Any alcoholic drinks you order are extra and will be added to your total bill.

Saturday Picnic: Sep 8, 2012

Place:  Deadwood City Park, across from the Baptist Church.

Time:  3:00 PM 'till whenever

Bring your own picnic basket of goodies and enjoy meeting all the DHS classmate and talk about the Good Old Days when Deadwood High School ruled!  

Saturday, August 4, 2012

8-4-2012 Devil's Tower

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Devils Tower Trading Post DTTP
Good Morning, Another incredible day, stop in and say hello to the gang as we gear up for Rally week...DTTP
Facebook Post 8-4-2012

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