Friday, June 29, 2007

Ron Hennen's Blacktail past to a business plan

See how Ron lived his business plan a long time ago as DHS Classmate

DHS Classmate Yvonne Hendrickson's Book "Seeds of Sin"

Seeds of Sin produce bad fruit filled with secrets. Secrets have a way of finding their way to the surface. Post World War II finds a farming family in the Yakima Valley of Washington State becoming aware secrets cannot be held in check. Walter Mason has never-ending problems of weather, Mexican migrant workers, the impending death of his wife, and after 18 years, long held secrets have risen to the surface. Secrets he thought would always be just that, secrets. Like ripples of a wheat field in the wind, one secret opens another. Secrets of adultery and adoption, lead to suicide, murder and more. The ripple spreads wide, becoming a wave that rocks residents of the peaceful farming valley “Eat the apple that falls in your garden…do not try to learn where it came from and you will be content.” (In the brief time this book has been available, readers are already asking for the sequel. It has proven to be a "page turner" with readers interested in more stories about the characters.Yvonne has started on the sequel.)

I have been in email contact with Yvonne who's maiden name is Spaulding DHS 53. She said in part " . . . The cover has a picture of my maternal family farm in Roubaix, (5th generation owner)but the book is about farming family in eastern WA and migrant workers. Not a documentary, just a bit about their lives, but full of everything you would expect, sex, sin, adultery, adoption, suicide, etc. None of it true, all fiction."

I wonder how many published authors we have that are DHS Classmates? Photos from Bear Log and Yvonne.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

DHS Coach Stewart A Ferguson of SD Sports Hall of Fame

Coach Ferguson is one of the 177 athletes and coaches in the South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame that was started in 1968.  Link to SDSHF award

Carl Moser DHS54 sent an interesting 30 page history of "Fergie" as many affectionately called him. Carl wants to share this history with the Classmates and the 2007 Reunion. It is a treatise used for the SD Sports Hall of Fame and written by Don Allen a coach at Central High School in Rapid City.

It is touching and illustrates how he taught many at DHS in both the classroom and in the field of sports. He was extremely polite, quiet, intelligent and caring. He made his classroom subject matter come alive and interesting. If he said it in his quiet voice, it was important.

"Fergie" said about his players, "I want them to say that Coach Ferguson was some sort of a damn fool - - didn't care much whether we won or lost - - but, golly, the good times we had and the things we saw!".

The 1954 Basketball State Championship was the last of his many coaching career high points. Lung cancer finally claimed him 1958. In the Fall of 1954 "Fergie" was ill and had his lung removed. At the homecoming half time he convinced Dr. Smiley to have a ambulance take him to see his beloved Bears play. That field is now Ferguson Football Field (see next post). Those were the days of real football watching!

But golly "Fergie" we miss you with fond memories. Most of us Bears did care about the big win in 1954. It was an extremely good time too! This championship game was the first televised sporting event in South Dakota.

This history with limited personal copies will be available at the 2007 Reunion.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ferguson Football Field Images and DHS57 Reunion

Note slight modification to scoreboard for correct SCHOOL NAME!! Photos by Don G.

~~~DHS57 will celebrate their reunion the same week as the All Deadwood High School reunion. Their reunion schedule will posted when received. I don't believe there are timing conflicts.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Image added at Bill Beshara's request

This image was submitted by unknown person to the 2007 DHS Reunion Committee. It must be the school entrance facing the Franklin Hotel.

Monday, June 4, 2007

September trip ....f/Dave K

I guess this got me into the site. Not much here to report at the moment. Carol is registered in the BH Great Escape quilting retreat Sept 9-12 in Deadwood. Probably see you all in passing.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

2007 Deadwood High School Reunion

There is going to be a DHS Reunion Party for Old People on September 7 & 8. All known classmates have been mailed an invitation. Select "comments" below to request information or to send contact information for any classmate that was missed. Registration closes July 1st 2007!! Well that was the plan A!!

DHS Cannon History

Thanks to Marcia Kay Whitelock for submitting the Deadwood Magazine article web URL .

We all have wondered about the cannon all these years. Even if it is not refurbished, it was there long before any of us and will remain long after we are gone.

Carole Hillard 2007 SD Hall of Fame

(Government) Carole K. Hillard, Rapid City, has spent a good share of her life in the political arena from the local to international levels. After serving in the South Dakota House, she was the first woman elected South Dakota’s Lieutenant Governor, serving from 1995 to 2003. Today she travels the world. She has worked on democracy-building projects in 63 countries, primarily in developing nations. In addition, Hillard has served as an election monitor in seven countries.

Carole and others including Deadwood's Bill Walsh will be inducted into the Hall of Fame the 2007 DHS Reunion week end.