Monday, August 29, 2011

1920's Deadwood School Cannon Picture & 2011 Refurbishment

Courtesy Beshara Photos
The above 1920’s Chalk Wagner Collection photo shows an unidentified man and the Deadwood School Cannon.  In the background are the Masonic Temple, Wagner Garage, and the Deadwood City Hall Building.  Chalk Wagner sold Hudson automobiles in Deadwood for a number of years.  Then the cannon was aimed down Pine Street at a lower angle.  Also interesting is a sign board just below Brown Rocks/Mt. Moriah.  The sign appears to spell out M?????? Coal and may have been lighted by possible power pole to the right.

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1912 Deadwood Hudson Automobile Show
Courtesy Beshara Photos
Another amazing picture above is the 1912 Hudson Automobile Show in the original Deadwood Auditorum (now the Rec Center) on Sherman Street.  Chalk Wagner is shown on the right and the other men are unnamed.  Wow look at the price of the Hudson 37s/54s and also the US Flags!

After over 100 years, the Deadwood School Cannon is being refurbished by City of Deadwood and the Deadwood Historical Preservation Commission.  Following are new pictures submitted by Beshara Photos.  They show the refurbished mount, base, and new cannon aim angle.  I understand there will also be an added interpretive plaque.  More pictures are expected in the near future.


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