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Here is beautiful slide show of TRAINS <== click

Also watch the king of steam train locomotives the UNION PACIFIC BIGBOY <==click

Comment from Ed Morris . . ."I think the "Trains" piece is outstanding. The color is so clear you feel as though you are actually there. Thanks. You know there is so much out there in the Internet to seen, it is mind boggling. I've been searching for the perfect picture I want as background on the desk top and have a picture of the Union Pacific Big Boy. When I was at Wyoming in the summer of 1959 I had a chance to ride one from Laramie to Rawlings on a night run. I thought I had a conflict and missed the chance."

The first small image is a run of the Union Pacific #3985 a Challenger Series 4-6-6-4 which is the largest operational steam locomotive in the world. It was overhauled and converted to oil fired in 1990. In 2007 it underwent full operational repairs at Cheyenne WY. It was returned to special service in 2008. It is one of only two of the original 105 Union Pacific "Challenger" types in existence. The second picture is the other. UP #3977 is on static display in North Platte, Nebraska.

I thought that I located the "Mallet" series #4100 steam locomotive that visited Deadwood into the 1950's. The image on right is a large Canadian heavy freight 2-10-2 locomotive. Only 5 were ever manufactured. It is restored and on static display in Canada. Ed Morris's record checking verifies it is not the Deadwood Train but I am leaving the image as it is interesting and timely on restored locomotive history.

The image above on bottom right is the glory picture of the currently operational UP #3985. My "Trains" posting supplements the"Deadwood Trains" written by Ed Morris in March 2008. He talks about actual experiences with US built "Mallet" 4100.

For the end of "Trains", and those that care, I offer a few words on the "Caboose". Although the caboose has largely fallen out of use, some are still retained by railroads in a reserve capacity. These cabooses are typically used in and around rail yards. Other uses for the caboose include "special" trains, where the train is involved in some sort of railway maintenance, or as part of survey trains that inspect remote rail lines after natural disasters to check for damage. Others have been modified for use in research roles to investigate complaints from residents or business owners regarding trains in certain locations. Finally, some are coupled to trains for special events, including historical tours. Most all of us have memories of counting passing rail cars and waiting for the special one, the wave from the Caboose!~~DickD

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Drumming up DHS's past with the Deadwood High School Drum w/Vickie Rafael comment

Click on picture for larger image

Photo credits to Bill Beshara~thanks for your long standing support  d2

Willie Steinlicth saved many items of DHS history that would have been hauled to the Deadwood city dump.  At the 2007 DHS reunion, Willie told us he had the Deadwood High School Drum head that Mr. Clark the band teacher created.   It has signatures of most seniors that played in the DHS Band from 1950 thru 1963.  Willie finally displayed the Deadwood High School Drum at the DHS 1954 Basketball Team Hall of Fame brunch last week.  For those of you that can make out your name, congratulations!  For those not visible join with me in trying to remember the Deadwood Drum.

In any case, thank you Willie for all the DHS history you have saved from destruction!

Comment from Vern Clark's Daughter Vickie Clark Rafael . . . 

Hello Dick,

When I call my Mother, I'll ask her about the drum head. I don't have a memory of Dad making it but I was little, born in '55. I do know he and his father, Charlie Clark, were very creative in many ways besides Dad's music. I'll let you know if Mom comes up with some recollections about that.  

I think I knew the Deadwood school buildings were for sale but forgot about it. I'm sure it will become a gambling place eventually but maybe not in the current economy for a while? Maybe gambling is recession proof? Nothing else seems to be, at least out west here. Deadwood has really changed over the years.

 I'll check out the website again to see what you've posted. My father would be amazed to be immortalized in cyberspace, something he never would have imagined. When we go to visit Mom we bring the laptop so she does eventually get to see the site too.


Thank you!   Vickie Clark Rafael

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Major New Resort on US Highway 85, Deadwood Hill, Plans 2009 Completion

TDG Communications, DEADWOOD, S.D. (11/18/08) - The Lodge at Deadwood, the new upscale resort and convention center now under construction, will help Deadwood become a major destination for conventions, corporate events, board retreats, trade shows, weddings, and private catered functions.

Work on the $47 million project began in July, and The Lodge at Deadwood is scheduled to open its doors in the fall of 2009.

Ideally located off U.S. Highway 85, across from Tatanka: Story of the Bison, this four-story resort complex will offer sweeping, panoramic views of the Black Hills and the plains of Western South Dakota. Nestled at the base of Mount Roosevelt on 25 acres, this full-service, year-round resort is ideal for business gatherings, casino gaming and endless entertainment possibilities.

Resort highlights include 140 luxury hotel guestrooms and suites, a convention center large enough to accommodate up to 1,700 people, a first-class restaurant, a sports bar, and a year-around indoor water park. The resort's large, Las Vegas-style casino with poker, blackjack and slot machines, will provide a complete vacation experience. Plus, guests will receive individual attention that comes with a resort of this caliber.

With more than 16,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, Deadwood will be able to compete for large regional and national gatherings for the first time. Professional groups, trade associations and social organizations are attracted to the unique, historic setting and relaxed atmosphere for which Deadwood is famous. Recognizing the need for meeting facilities, the City of Deadwood formed a public-private partnership with the resort's developer to build and operate the convention center.

"We couldn't be more excited to have The Lodge at Deadwood opening in 2009," said George Milos, Executive Director of the Deadwood Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau. "Deadwood has long been at the forefront of marketing South Dakota, but one thing the town has missed is the ability to host large conventions. The Lodge at Deadwood gives us the opportunity to take our community to the next level. Plus the owners and management have a terrific reputation of providing first-class service and amenities." . . . .  See full  TDG Communications story. <= Click

Monday, February 2, 2009

DHS 1954 Hall of Fame Report

Also see the award announcement article that follows this report.

The Deadwood High School 1954 Deadwood Bears Basketball Team won the 1954 South Dakota State “A” Basketball Championship Title.  This past week end they were inducted into the 2009 Lead-Deadwood High School Hall of Fame.   The award was presented to the 1954 DHS Team representatives Hank Frawley, Bill Beshara, and Willie Steinlicht.  The presentation was at the half time of the Lead and Newell boys and girls basketball game on Friday, January 30th.  

Molly Frawley reports, “The game acceptance was a matter of the Athletic Director, Steve Rice, announcing why the team was deserving of the recognition and handing over a plaque to Hank, Bill, and Willie. There was a picture taken with School Superintendent Dan Leikvold.  And if it gets in the paper we'll send it on. The picture was of all the inductees. I took a few pictures with Bill's camera.

On Saturday, we had a nice gathering. Tom Gorder's daughter, Cynthia, and husband, Mike Thomas came. Jeannine Jones and Carl/Fran Erickson, John and Anne Fillmore, Marcia Darland, Jan Thoresen, Bill and Sandy Beshara, Willie Steinlicht, Don Gross, Larry and Shirley Rounsevells.  Hank wore his letter sweater... He thanked everyone and shared some of the history of the team's success.. Made a reference to the intense rivalry with Lead.

Steve Rice really appreciated the articles we forwarded from Dave Klein. He shared how amazing it was for Deadwood to be both the A and B ('39, '40 I think) state champions. The plaque was returned to Steve Rice and will be hung with a picture of the team in Lead HS.”

Bill Beshara shared that Willie told an interesting story of his ride to Huron in Coach Burgess’s car with Dave Klein and others.

I should mention the Saturday brunch included some other school awards to Lead people.   A show of hands at the brunch showed about half were Deadwood.  I did not include extra pictures of them or their names . . .  DickD

The following pictures are a team effort of Molly Frawley, Don Gross, and Bill Beshara using Bill’s new Canon D40 SLR Digital "Flamethrower " Camera.  Thanks Molly, Don and Bill . . . and the camera too!!  :)

Select on pictures for larger viewing

2009 Hall of Fame Plaque

Molly Frawley and Sandy Beshara cheering for DHS at Lead

Hank and Willie (center picture) waiting for the halftime award

Bill, Dan Leikvold, Hank and Willie in award picture

Willie, Hank (holding award), and Bill

Willie, Bill, Jeannine Jones, Hank, and Fran Erickson showing award at Saturday Brunch

Athletic Director Steve Rice formal award at Brunch

Hank accepting award at Brunch.  Gad, his sweater still fits!!!

Willie and his interesting stories
The following items were saved over the years since . . .