Saturday, September 18, 2010

DHS55 Celebrates 55th Anniversary with a Dinner/Reception ~ by Bill Beshara

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Bill writes:
"Dear Classmates, we had a five star event at The Lodge in Deadwood where the food and service was outstanding. We had a great time. And the entertainment was first class. In case you forgot already, the Class of ’55, had a reunion dinner Saturday evening (9-11-2010). Following is a rundown for those not able to attend.

Those in attendance in were: MaryJane Drake/Ed Nelson, Elaine Fish/Perry Casteel, Hankand Molly Frawley, Bill and Sandy Beshara, Janet Chyba Thoresen, Bill Auer, Helen Brandt, Jim Veitl, John and Ann Filmore, Karl Bentz, Jerry Sternad, Marcia Moore Darland, Georgia Lubisher(Pat was unable to attend), Flossie Lauer/Ken Wictor, Mickey and Barb Larson, Annette Kittelman/Roger Pryor, and last but not least was Kurt Machler (this was a pleasant surprise).

Those not in attendance: Dale Allen, Kay Buckmaster, George Clark. Larry DiSanto, Sherill Person Dunwiddie, Verlin Fox, Geraldine Page, Betty Sargent, Dick Schlax, Don Sonne, Luke Sky Walker, Monte Widdoss, Sherwin Artus, Floyd Iwan, Mary Lou Lanphear and Larry Anfinson.

Deceased members of the class of 55: Betty Cooper, Sylvia Berry, Pauline Neavell, Tom Perrett, Mary Rotter, Rich Sears, Gene Whitelock, Darrell Stoneberger, Frances Kunsman, Phylis Gordon, Jim Hutcherson. Hank compiled these lists because he knew you would want to know. Thanks Hank.

For our dinner at the Lodge we opted for a nice sit down served to the table meal. Choices were steak, salmon or chicken, all of which were superb. Dessert was strawberry cupcakes from the Colonial House and Caramels from Railroad Bill. I know you must be wondering about the entertainment. If you remember from high school, Kurt Machler was quite a singer. So naturally he was encouraged to treat us with some beautiful songs. Kurt just happened to be in the Colonial House the day before the reunion and I convinced him to stay one more day. I’m glad he did and I think he is too.

I took about 75 pictures and you will be able to see some of them if you tune in to Dick Dunwiddie’s DHS Classmate site.

The one thing that always amazes me at any of our functions is that everyone just picks up where we left off from the time before. We all seem to fit together so well. We had a great time and wish you could have made it. Maybe next time.

I want to thank Janet for all her “hard” work. She got a little testy towards the end, but she hung in there. In case you didn’t know, Janet received the “volunteer of the year” award at a ceremony during the Days of ’76. And thanks to all of you who made this reunion dinner a success.
Thanks to everyone!

Bill, Hank and Janet"


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