Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Deadwood Flashback - KDSJ

This is a visual example (no TV in Deadwood at the time) what you might have viewed at the Main Street- Deadwood City Hall and KDSJ. The top floor was open to the public. KDSJ had a windowed booth and they featured many county performers, especially in the evenings.

The top floor had a very high ceiling and it was a mostly open area for Deadwood city government meetings. There were many portraits and paintings of famous Deadwood leaders, hung high around the ceiling. At the far Main Street end, KDSJ had their walled in studios. As a kid I and many others spent hours watching this type of radio show. We grew up with a love of Classic Country and heard many non-famous performers.

Sadly, in the mid 1950s the whole building burned down. A lot of Deadwood's historical items where lost.


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