Monday, May 3, 2010

True West Magazine, Meghan Saar writes about General Custer's final days

4/27/2010, Meghan Sarr writes a poignant story about Mrs. Libbie Custer and General Custer's last days. Following is an excerpt " . . . On Sunday, June 25, while her husband George and his men were perishing on a Montana battlefield, Libbie found herself at her home with the women. They were all trying to console themselves by singing hymns, while one of them “sat dejected at the piano and struck soft chords that melted into the notes of the voices.... The words of the hymn, ‘E’en though a cross it be, Nearer, my God, to Thee,’ came forth with almost a sob from every throat,” wrote Libbie in her 1885 memoir, Boots and Saddles, Or Life in Dakota with General Custer. . . ."

Meghan's magazine article includes 6 high value historical images. One is captioned (signed) in General Custer's own hand. This image is in front of the Custer's home and shows the General and Lilly along with his staff and their wives.

See the complete article and images in => True West Magazine.


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