Monday, May 17, 2010

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WA Black Bear

This amazing picture of a bear was taken on May 13, 2010 by photographer Amanda. The bear run across a golf course while she and he husband were golfing in Central Washington State.

American black bears are the most common and widely distributed bears in North America. In Washington, black bears live in a diverse array of forested habitats, from coastal rainforests to the dry woodlands of the Cascades’ eastern slopes. In general, black bears are strongly associated with forest cover, but they do occasionally use relatively open country, such as clearcuts and the fringes of other open habitat.

The statewide black bear population in Washington likely ranges between 25,000 and 30,000 animals. As human populations encroach on bear habitat, people and bears have greater chances of encountering each other. Bears usually avoid people, but when they do come into close proximity of each other, the bear’s strength and surprising speed make it potentially dangerous. Most confrontations with bears are the result of a surprise encounter at close range. All bears should be given plenty of respect and room to retreat without feeling threatened. No problem in Amanda's case!

See => "Amanda's Veranda" web site showcasing Amanda's photography talent.


Black Hills "Shooting Star" Wild Flower

This May 15, 2010 Custer State Park "Shooting Star" is my favorite spring flower in the Black Hills. They seem so delicate yet they dazzle you with their beauty, in highly determined locations.

See my favorite Black Hills Photographer web site => "J'ellen in the Black Hills" Photographer Jann travels extensively all over the Black Hills and captures unique images with her amazing talent and patience. She researches each image subject for accurate descriptions to match her eye for camera framing. Many of her images are one-of-a-kind views that may never be see in a life time of living in the Black Hills.


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