Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dorothy "Dottie" Provine Day's Death Update

May 2, 2010, DickD Comment and Update:

The Dorothy "Dottie" Provine Day's death article (see below) has turned into a Deadwood School Classmate story. Her death has been reported Nation wide over the past week. Today's Seattle Times reports that her parent's names were William Provine and Irene Curran Provine. They lived in Deadwood until Dorothy was 9. Then they moved to San Fransisco and later settled in Seattle WA.

A check of the 1938 Deadwood Telephone Book shows no telephone number listed for Provine. This is odd for a "Seattle Businessman".

I now consider "Dottie" Provine as a human interest article of a famous actress born in Deadwood and a Deadwood School classmate. In Deadwood's history, people like Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Potato Creek Johnny, and Deadwood Dick(s) [ie, Nate Love, Richard Clark, Richard Bullock, ?] made Deadwood more famous by their death. Dorothy's death is not on that same level but has an interesting Deadwood attachment . . .

I welcome these kind of articles. You can send them to me at the email address in the right column.

As a matter of personal choice, I do not like to do obituary articles. I avoid many them by their sheer number, frequency. and mostly I not aware of them. I try to space them out, as this web site will not become a regular obituary source.


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