Sunday, October 11, 2009

J’Ellen of the Black Hills visits Hank Frawley Ranch and Buster’s Herd

Hank Frawley with Buster on the right
Photo Credit to J'Ellen of the Black Hills - Special Thanks . . . Jann!!

Fellow Blogger, Jann Gam took Hank Frawley's invitation to tour his ranch in the Centennial Valley next to the Deadwood Exit 17 on I-90. Hank also has a herd of buffalo headed up by Buster. Jann got some great photos even with Buster nosing around :)

One of Jann's many photo interests are critters, especially buffalo. Jann provided some unique educational photos for a buffalo segment of a Elderhostel Education Program presentation by Dr. Lilah Pengra recently.

See Jann's ranch article, click =>Frawley Ranch & Buffalo. Also see her full web site, click => J'Ellen of the Black Hills. Keep paging back through "older posts" to see and enjoy an amazing range of quality photos.


Thanks Dick, very nice write up! I had a lot of fun hanging out for a little while with Hank and Buster's herd, despite the cold weather. I didn't meet Hank's wife, but maybe next time. Thanks again so very much for helping make my visit to the Frawley Ranch happen!

Jann October 11, 2009


Hi Dick and Jann

You were not kidding when you said "up close"!! When I first saw Buster's face sticking into the truck,, I really wasn't sure if he was ....real...... until I read on and realized that Hank really does have an "up close and personal" relationship with his herd. What a wonderful opportunity of a lifetime for Jann to be able to get so close to them and to even touch them!!

It would be interesting to hear some of the experiences Hank has had with his buffalo herd. I wonder what that feels like to have a herd of buffalo running towards you! As I remember seeing buffalo from a distance years ago.......they are "pretty big guys"!!

Thanks to Hank and to Jann for braving the cold SD weather to take these great photographs and to Jann for sharing all of her beautiful work, and also to you Dick for helping to make it happen.

Peggy October 13. 2009


Great pics. Love the buffalo.

KayN October 13, 2009


Dick, Loved the photo of Hank and “B u ster”. Did he raise this big g u y from a calf and is that why he is so friendly? I notice hank is staying in the tr u ck however.

Yvonne, October 13, 2009


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