Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Robert H. Krug, Deadwood Wall of Fame

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Credits: Dustin Floyd dustin@tdgcommunications.com and Deadwood Historical Preservation Committee http://www.deadwoodhistorylink.com/

Mr. Krug was the Deadwood High School (DHS) Principal and he touched every student he ever knew. He was the "shock and awe" of respect and responsibility that guided each us of students to achieve success in our lives. He instilled a life ethic that never failed us. Mr. Krug was the most impressive person I have ever known.

If any of us end up in Hell, he gave a little training on that too when you were "called" to his office :(.

I was visiting Deadwood and met him walking on Stewart Street not long before he died. I worked up my courage to speak to him and shake his hand. I told him about my college education, my family, and my great job as an engineer. His eyes twinkled when I told him how much I appreciated him and all that he did for me. He quietly said "thank you," shook my hand, and we went our ways.


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