Tuesday, October 7, 2008

George Beshara, Deadwood Wall of Fame

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Credits: Dustin Floyd dustin@tdgcommunications.com and Deadwood Historical Preservation Committee http://www.deadwoodhistorylink.com/

In an earlier post Ann Stanton wrote eloquently about a Destination in the Wilderness and how the Jewish people had contributed to the Deadwood historical heritage.

Lebanese immigrants and their families also made their contributions to Deadwood. Grandfather George Beshara (above), his family, and the Shama Family stand out for recognition in the family grocery business and service. Their stores were well placed at the opposite ends of Deadwoood, Shamas in 1st Ward and Besharas in 4th Ward.

The 4th of July was a big time and celebration for the Beshara Family. They would divide up the family on both sides of Charles Street and wale away with a ton of fireworks in all directions. It was a sight to watch. Pete Beshara stored the fireworks in his "Barrel," a fast food and soft drink stand next to Martin's Sinclair filling station. Sadly, one night the Barrel, full of fireworks, caught fire and burned to the ground in a spectacular fashion. That ended the Beshara fireworks wars. Funny to note that Pete was a fireman too.

The Besharas like to tell a story about George who refused to allow waste of anything, especially food. When they ate grapes he made them swallow the seeds saying they were good for them. That was before we had seedless grapes.


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