Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Deadwood Historical Preservation Committee Wall of Fame

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Deadwood City Hall in 1895. Photographer unknown. Note the wooden sidewalks on both sides of Main Street. It looks like the photo was taken from the subflooring level of the yet-to-be-built Franklin Hotel.

Credits: Photos from Black Hills Studios

The historical Deadwood City Hall and Fire Department (bottom left of building) burned in 1952. On the top floor, hung high on the walls beyond reach, were paintings of important people and the mayors. It was open to the public at all times. There were also numerous displays of all sorts of historical items. It was a wondrous place to spend time and connect with Deadwood's historical roots and visions. It was a sad, irreplaceable loss.

A handsome brick Deadwood City Hall of period architecture now stands at 102 Sherman Street. To recapture visions and deeds of individuals who have made new or innovative contributions to Deadwood's heritage, a Wall of Fame has been established in the City Hall. There is a public nomination process under the guidance of the Deadwood Historical Preservation Commission. See application form http://www.cityofdeadwood.com/vertical/Sites/%7BECDE07BE-19F7-4F11-A017-CFDAD3EEEE69%7D/uploads/%7BE0153713-872D-46D5-A487-EA01E080EF58%7D.PDF

With the help of Dustin Floyd for timely image copies and Commission approval, I am able to share a few of the Deadwood notables (Mr. Krug, George Beshara, and Sheriff Dick McGrath). Their Wall of Fame copies follow in the next three postings.

Credits: Dustin Floyd dustin@tdgcommunications.com and Deadwood Historical Preservation Committee http://www.deadwoodhistorylink.com/


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