Friday, March 21, 2008

Jim Hennen's report on Mrs. Morthland's 100th Birthday

Subject: Hazel Morthland's 100th B'day

Here are three (3) pictures taken at Mrs. Morthland's 100th birthday party today (March 20th). She was the object of attention, as it should be, and was surrounded by many folks wishing her the best. It was hard to get to her for pictures with so many crowding around. We did manage to get these few pictures and would like to share them with you.

Most are self explanatory but the last one shows Sandy visiting with Tommy Martin (Barry Martin's younger brother), Muriel (Roth) ??? and one of Mrs. Morthland's nieces from California.

Mrs. Morthland told Sandy and I that she was now 100 years old and this was her graduation day. When the guests began singing "Happy Birthday Hazel" she opened up and sang right along.

It was great.

Jim & Sandy (Snapp) Hennen

Comment: Thanks, Dick. You do a great job in putting this blog together. Glad we could contribute to this salute to a wonderful teacher and a truly remarkable lady. I told her nephew from Spokane that it was good so see them again and we were looking forward to the celebration next year!


~~Hazel is recovering from a recent stroke so may look different from previous years. DD


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