Monday, March 24, 2008

A humorous memory of John Korneman the King of Bus Drivers

Picture from Judge Will Severns (Rapid City, SD) of John Korneman shortly before he died October 1973. This picture was taken during an extensive interview with John to capture many of his memories of historic Deadwood of 1890s until his death. I have not found a way to get the audio segments on this blog. ~~DD

Reported by Jim Hennen DHS56:

"The only time I ever saw Johnny drive the old Deadwood school bus in this fashion was each time I came out of the school 5 minutes late and tried to flag him down as he pulled out and headed towards Central City on his first run of the evening. I ended up walking the mile home after being winded from wildly flaying my arms in the fruitless chase to get his attention. Believe me, that was the proverbial country mile." ~~Jim

This 23 second video clip will run on high speed connections only. Select video play arrow.


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