Monday, October 1, 2007

Look who the shoes belonged to!

"Tell me again, why it is you are in my office."

The schools today should have a cloned Mr. Krug. But then our whole DHS taught ethic went hand-in-hand with his "guidance." Mrs. Elsie Krug had a long term effect too and she lived almost 100 years. What do you think? Mr. Krug's photograph is from the DHS54 Bear Log. The captions says he is reading the stats from DHS winning the State Class "A" Basketball Championship but looks like him in his office.

The first photograph is from the DHS51 Bear Log showing the Krugs and the Mintons at the Junior/Senior Prom and Banquet.


Yvonne said...

I love it, who would have thought, Mr. & Mrs. Krug. Before Elsie was Krug, she was Krause.They made a good looking couple and looks like those shoes were made for dancing for sure.

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