Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Carole Hillard Former SD Lt. Governor breaks neck in accident ~ SEE UPDATES

10/25/07 See notice of Carole's death above.

10/21/07 update: http://www.rapidcityjournal.com/articles/2007/10/18/news/local/doc471837ec2803b512909635.txt

Both Janet Thoresen DHS55 and Dave Klein DHS54 sent this information on Carole Hillard's DHS54 tragic accident. Since her term of office Carole has traveled the world extensively for the US State Department and is considered an representative expert on Democracy, voting and women's rights. You can contact her by email gocarole@aol.com or snail mail at PO Box 9088, Rapid City, SD 97709.

News Post: Oct 15, 2007 10:03 AM

Former Lt. Governor Carole Hillard had a close-call, but it appears she will have a full recovery. The 71 year old broke her neck last week and is now recovering in a Croatia hospital. Hillard had been attending a conference in Turkmanistan. She had a bad fall on a sailboat and there was concern about paralysis. She was flown to a trauma center in the capitol city in Croatia.

Her sister, Joan Uhre, tells KOTA Territory News, "it's not close to the standard of care we have in the united states, but Carole had a good surgeon and the family is optimistic about a return of movement. "Right now Hillard is scheduled to begin the long flight home to Rapid City this weekend, to begin her long recovery.

We're told Hillard is in a lot of pain, feels isolated and bored and would love to hear from friends.


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