Friday, October 26, 2007

Report of 2007 DHS Reunion final meeting

The first Reunion Committee picture shows L-R, Karen Shackey Balderson, Sandy Gravelle Beshara, Jim Veitl, Hank Frawley, Roz's friend, Roz Stalder Purchase, Chairman Bill Beshara, Janet Chyba Thoresen, Marcia Moore Darland, and Carolyn Johnson Dirksen.

The second picture is L-R, Darlene Lester Thacker, Roz Stalder Purchase, Hank Frawley, Jim Veitl, Jan Chyba Thoresen, John Fillmore, Sandy Gravelle Beshara, Marcia Moore Darland, Larry Ryan, and Carolyn Johnson Dirksen. In this picture they are all stuffing reunion notice envelopes and putting on stamps. It took a full day for Bill to hand feed the envelopes through the address printer process. All the committe members put in allot of hours doing all the tasks to deliver a successful reunion.

The committee met yesterday afternoon in the Deadwood City Hall to finalize the business of the Reunion.

The major item addressed is the proceeds left over from the final accounting. It was decided to establish 3 or 4 scholarships to a worthy Deadwood high school student to attend vocational/technical school. One scholarship will be given yearly for the total number. The remaining amount will be donated to a school administered fund and process to provide food to needy children on week ends. It is known as the "Backpack" program and kids are given a backpack of food to take home for the week end.

It was also decided to pass along the DHS Roster to someone to maintain. There are some prospects so watch for update information in the future.

The Reunion Committee has done an excellent job and certainly have a Noble plan for the reunion proceeds that shows the DHS Spirit. If you have compliments or observations about the reunion to share please send them to me. Carole Hillard complimented the reunion committee in an email to me. She too recognized organized effort and "people power" (see post of her death that follows).


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