Friday, August 31, 2007

Comanche at the Custer Battle Field - Revised 9/18/2007

Picture from the Kansas State Historical Society

Revised to add:

According to our exhibits director, a taxidermy mount is primarily of the hide on the animal stitched over a carefully formed manikin to resemble a life like pose. In this case (as with many mounts of the period) the Comanche mount also contains the skull, hip and shoulder bones and the long leg bones and hooves of the horse incorporated into the manikin form upon which the hide was stretched and sewn on.

The burial then must have been of the rest of the remains.

Hope that helps, -Jen

Jen Humphrey
Communications DirectorKU Biodiversity Institute
KU Natural History Museum


Amanda said...

That is a good looking ghorse, glad he escaped. Wish all the horses could have. They were so innocent.

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