Friday, August 31, 2007

And the rest of a neat story . . .

Evelyn Hendrickson Bear Log 1952

A few days ago Jim Hennen DHS56 contacted me to see if dhsclassmates could help him find Evelyn Hendrickson who was a Junior in DHS52. Jim had just opened a old box of personal items from his brother Gene Hennen DHS49 who passed away a few years ago. In the box were a number of old DHS Bear Logs and one from DHS52 that appeared to belong to Evelyn and was full of notes from fellow classmates. To help Jim, I contacted Yvonne Hendrickson DHS53 who only knew that Evelyn was not related but left DHS in 1952. We looked thru the current class roster and found Chuck Hendrickson DHS56. Chuck verified that Evelyn was his sister and gave Jim her address. Jim just contacted me with the rest of this neat story:

“I just hung up from talking to Evelyn Hendrickson Reller. Chuck Hendrickson returned my call and gave me her address. He visited for a long time considering I haven't seen or visited with him since 1956. Evelyn is his sister. I called her and she was ecstatic to find out I had her year book from 1952. I will be sending it to her after the long holiday weekend.

She has been a widow for a few years and lives in Minnesota. She said that she and her husband were in Montana and lost their belongings first in a fire and later in a flood and all that they had in the way of personal memories were hauled to the dump as a result.

I apologized for having read so many of the cherished notes that classmates had written in her book but I told her of notes from Carlyle and a few others and she asked, "Was there one from a "Sharon"? I said, yes, and by comparing signatures I assumed it was Sharon Moore. That nearly left her speechless for a second or so. It seems Sharon was her close friend at DHS (a sister of Marcia Moore). Sharon passed away sometime ago but was one who Evelyn had kept in contact with for all the years.

Small world. Is this a neat ending to the search for Evelyn Hendrickson Reller or what!

Thanks for your help,”
Jim Hennen


Yvonne said...

I think it is great. Now we all know what has happened to Evelyn and she is getting her year book returned to boot. Thanks Jim for going the extra effort and having it pay off.Posting her picture reminded us of what a pretty girl she was.

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