Friday, March 15, 2013

Mattie Hill's Grandson Clifford Melrose Celebrates his 78th Birthday

Clifford Melrose is recently shown celebrating his 78th birthday.  He is Mattie Hill’s grandson.  Clifford and Georgia Melrose, Dr. Lila Morton Pengra and I nominated Mattie Hill for the Deadwood Wall of Fame.  It took over 3 years but Mattie was inducted into the 2012 Deadwood Wall of Fame.  Mattie is finally recognized for her diversity pioneering spirit and her African American contributions in Deadwood.  Clifford looks very much like his grandmother Mattie and sounds just like her too.

Happy Birthday dear friend, Mattie would be proud of you.

I met with Clifford and Georgia Melrose the first time and we discussed Mattie’s Wall of Fame nomination.  We also visited Mattie’s Mt. Moriah grave to pay our respects and admire her new family provided headstone.


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