Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who Is Present at Potato Creek Johnny's 1943 Burial at Mt. Moriah Cemetry?

Reid Riner at the Journey Museum in Rapid City shared this picture on Facebook.  It shows Potato Creek Johnny’s casket being interned next to Wild Bill grave at Mt. Moriah Cemetery in 1943.

This is an excellent picture with attendees clearly shown.

It will be interesting to identify those present.  My guess is that the second from left is Sheriff Twiford.  Fourth from left is Elmer Pontius.  Mary Kopco at Adams Museum has identified D. M. McGahey (first curator at Adams Museum) in center with bow tie, bushy eye brows, and fur coat.  To right of McGahey might be Leo Derosier.  Standing at foot of the casket is Cleo Wells (mortician and funeral director).  The women to the left of Cleo sure looks like Elsie Krug.

I remember that Mr. McGahey drove a 1930’s black coupe (Chevrolet?).  He never mastered the clutch very well.  The engine would be running at high speed with the clutch slipping.  He would then pop the clutch and the car would jerk into motion.  He parked in the Post Office parking lot and was a  terror when he jumped backwards out of his parking spot.  He was a  fond memory to me from those  grand days growing up in Deadwood.

If you can help identify these attendees please contact me or comment to the article.

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