Thursday, December 22, 2011

1911 John Treber Cane, SD 12th Legislative Session by Jerry Locker

Jerry Locker sent the following information and pictures for a dhsclassmates article.  I don’t know Jerry but the it all looks authentic and positively historically important.  Thank you Jerry for your submittal.

1911 SD 12th Legislative Session - House Chamber - P1381

John Treber complimentary match case

Jerry Locker wrote  “The cane of john treber from 1911 thought you would like to add it to your site..The picture is from 1911 at the time he got the cane awarded to him ..Great job!!! aww and a matchbook ad from john treber..thanks

Inscribed on top [HON John Treber we express out appreciation for hard work 12th session of legislature 1911 E.C Issenhuth chn Redfield S.D.]” 


David and June Treber said...

Fascinating piece...we were not aware of this Treber cane. Thanks for posting this article and thanks to Jerry for the research.

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