Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Recent DHS57 Classmate Gathering

Following is a picture series submitted by Bill Beshara. 

Select on images for large view

Don Gross, Ray Jones, & Jerry Pontius

Jerry Pontius, Jill Anfinson Pontius, & Sandy Gravelle Beshara 
Margaret Slack, Roberta Vandervorst, Jerry Perrett, &  Bill Beshara

Mr. Pringle, Lois Pringle, Mrs. Edmonson, & Chuck Edmonson

Jim Scott Salaska, Mrs. Salaska, & Jean Perrett

Jean Perrett, Helen Jones, & Jean Macki Burke

Jean Macki Burke, Kent Burke, Yvonne Hobbs Jones, & Bob Jones

Yvonne Hobbs Jones, Bob Jones, Margaret Slack & Roberta Vandervorst

Margaret Slack, Roberta Vandervorst, & Jerry Perrett


Florida Beach Basics said...

Thanks to Bill for the pix and to Dick for posting them. Always nice to see familiar names.

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