Monday, June 20, 2011

Trojan SD 1914 School House ~ Last View of School Being Demolished ~ Contributor William Jacob Stone

William Jacob Stone photo  9-01-2010
William "Bill" Jacob Stone

William Jacob Stone comments, "Wharf Resources did investigate moving the Trojan School and offered it the Lawrence County Historical Society if they could have it moved. It proved quite costly and otherwise unfeasable. Permission was granted by the State Historic Preservation Office as long as the building was sufficiently documented."

1976 Book
Gold Gals Guns Guts
William's Grandmother Charlotte Cushman Clark and four other young ladies were the first graduating Deadwood High School class in 1883 a.  Charlotte arrived in Deadwood by stage coach in 1876.  As a Deadwood Pioneer Woman she had a great impact for women and the area.  Her husband Horace was known as "Mr. Realtor" as at one time he owned the most property in the Deadwood and Lead area.  William's Uncle Cushman Clark carried on the reality business in Deadwood through it's last business era.  Cushman was very community minded and was instrumental in capturing Deadwood history.  He had the original DHS Fight Song recorded on a master 78 record in Ben Stoller's tiny B-Disc-Studios at 19 Charles Street b.

The Trojan School (last standing Trojan building)  has been lost, the efforts to save Terry Cemetery are current, but other activities like Jon Crane's Black Hills Preservation Trust (Meeker Ranch and Gold Mountain Mine) remain active c.


William Jacob Stone said...

Richard - thanks for the post. I really appreciate the comments about my ancestry. It's great to be a fourth generation Black Hills Pioneer and descendant of both sides of my family that were here before 1880.
The date on the photo should read
1 Sept 2010. It was quite sad to be there to document the demolishion. I have a photo record of many similar events over the past thiry years.
Wharf has no plans to mine or move the Terry Cemetery. Too costly and of course bad PR. It would be nice though to have it designated as a historic site.
Thanks again for the wonderful site.
Bill Stone
Lead, South Dakota

pamcli said...

I have a set of auditorium seats (3 together) that I was told by the person I got them from, they were from the Deadwood High School, before they tore it down. They got them from someone they were friends with around Sturgis. They do have DHS on the metal part, they have the wood backs and seats. I would like to know more about them. I have been trying to look it up on the internet, but have not been successful.

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