Friday, June 24, 2011

Gerome "the Traveling Gnome" Visits Deadwood's Chubby Chipmonk

By Rose Speirs
Mary "Chip" Tautkus (Chocolatier/Owner)
The Story of the Chubby Chipmunk

It all started in a sugarplum dream in Crestline, California, near Lake Arrowhead. Back in the day before big corporations like Mrs. Field's had a corner on the "sweet tooth" market, Chip Tautkus was busy scampering about in her kitchen hand-making mouth watering truffles. Time has only improved on the delicacies with each one being an original creation.

Since its humble beginnings , the Chipmunk has evolved from the simple creature of pure sweetness to a more sophisticated animal, adding many grown-up flavors to the time honored classics.

The Chubby Chipmunk now provides decadent, hand-dipped truffles, to satisfy customers all over the country. Her sunny kitchen, located in historic Deadwood, South Dakota at 420 Cliff Street, is again alive with treats you will forever dream about. When Deadwood is in your travel plans make sure you stop at this magical little chocolate shop, meet Chip and sample her wonderful creations!  A bit of Heaven on Earth!!!

Satisfy your grown-up and little kid sweet tooth at the link=> Chubby Chipmunk!



Gonna have to check it out!

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