Sunday, March 13, 2011

Travis Dewitz and His Train Photographs

It is my pleasure to feature photographers of interest from time to time.  Travis Dewitz has a wide range of photography subjects in his portfolio.   What drew my attention to his photographs is Rick Mills of the SD State Railroad Museum in Hill City SD.  Travis has a great Railroad collection.  I contacted Travis and he agreed with this article and shared this beautiful train photo below.

Travis Dewitz of Eau Claire WI
I am a commercial photographer with a passion for capturing images that make you say “Wow!”
Is my photography all skill or am I just lucky? Well, it is both, but it is not the main reason I succeed. You have to be there. That is really 99% of the photo. If your not there, you won't get the photo. You need to go out looking for the compositions you want. Once you are out there looking it is luck's turn to help you out. Luck is what makes a good scene great. Luck is what lines everything up for that once in a lifetime amazing shot. Luck is useless if you aren't out looking. Skill is what fine tunes the photo. Skill is what helps you see and capture strong compositional elements. It is skill that fine tunes your camera into a skilled tool. You need all three elements to pull off great photos.

Select on the following image to see 1229 amazing train images

Photo Credit Travis Dewitz Collection

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