Saturday, January 16, 2010

Deadwoodians ~~~ Reader Comment and Suggestion to 2010 Plan

Dick, speaking of famous Deadwoodians (we are, aren't we?), I seem to remember that you won the South Dakota Soap Box Derby back in the day -- and then went to the nationals?

If I'm right, I think some of your readers would like to hear about it. I know I would.

Jack Sears, Class of '58

DickD Reply: Thanks Jack . . . both for your comments and article suggestion. My unexpected win at the Lead SD Soap Box Derby in 1948 was an amazing personal experience. The Lead win included a paid family trip to Akron, Ohio. I raced again in the US National Soap Box Derby event. The winner in my heat went on to place second.

It might be an interesting research, but lets see how it goes, please email me.

I like your term Deadwoodians!


Anonymous said...

would like to join the Deadwood High School group o 1886-1971 my handle lis Frederick Maynard

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