Monday, January 4, 2010

Featured Photographer ~ Charlie Corbeil

Charlie Corbeil
Art Specialty: Visual Art, Photography

Charlie Corbeil is a retired engineer who has had an interest in photography for many years. He has had one-man shows in Sandusky, OH, and Hilton Head, SC, and has received numerous awards for his work. He acquired his first SLR digital camera in 2002 and now produces his prints on an inkjet printer. He has traveled to all the States, Ecuador, Bahamas, Panama, and Galapagos Islands to record nature. Locally in Florida, he favors Viera wetlands and Black Point Wildlife Drive on Merritt Island. It is his hope that these pictures will encourage people to continue to preserve the habitat that is needed by these beautiful creatures.

Click to see Charlie Corbeil's web site. He provides access to 40 galleries and 872 images for viewing. Charlie is also featured on fellow dhsclassmate Marge Bell's blog Space Coast Beach Buzz.

The following images are "Blue Herron Nesting" and "Snow Geese and Moon".


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