Sunday, September 20, 2009

Morris Toppila's 2009 DHS Dinner Is "Top" Rated

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"Top" the 2009 DHS Dinner Man

Wild Bill Hickok dropped by to show me his gun!
backgound left is Wendal Banigan
and right is Betty Kettlelhut Stoner

Collector Replicas of Hickok's Guns
Originals are in the Adams Museum

Morris Toppila DHS52 and wife Jerry Clauser Toppila DHS56 planned and provided a grand DHS Dinner in Deadwood, Saturday Night, September 12, 2009. It was simply coordinated and held at the Deadwood Social Club above the Historic Old Style Saloon #10.

A crowd of 69 DHS graduates, spouses, and friends were in attendance to enjoy piano by Carlyle Richards DHS53, talk fast and furious, and have an excellent banquet style dinner. As usual there was not enough time to meet and talk to everyone.

Shelia and Carlyle Richards

Roger Geist DHS53 and wife Jerrilee were introduced and celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Charley Bill Leslie DHS51 had the best 3.25 x 5.5 business card.

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to Roger & Jerrilee Geist!

There were numerous cameras and I hope they will share their pictures in the near future. I also plan to get the attendees by name. No surprise, a few did not look like their original school pictures.

Many of the DHS classmates had their own mini get-to-gathers on other days and times.

~~Thanks to the Toppilas and other DHS helpers for a reunion dinner well done!

I plan this article to be a work-in-progress and grow with other dhsclassmates help and comments.


Night, Good Dinner, Good Service, Good Friends and Classmates of Deadwood High School, Good Time!

Tell Sherill and Janet that the trumpet player that serenaded Doris Dunn was Ronny Moss. He was a very accomplished trumpet player who came to Deadwood in the 50's. He really liked Doris . . . for awhile until her Dad, the Sheriff, caught him and told him he was making too much noise among other things. Man could he play the trumpet.

Thanks for coming.

Top 9-13-2009


I would say the dinner was a great success, no doubt about it. Top did a great job in getting it together for all of us, THANKS AGAIN TOP.Couldn't have done it without you. About Doris and Ron Maas with his trumpet, I spoke with Ron today and he said it is all true. That was many years ago.

Yvonne, DHS53, 9-21-200P


I just love the photo of you and Mr. Hickok! :o) Looks like you had a really nice reunion.

Jann G 9-28-2009


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