Friday, September 4, 2009

Do You Remember this DHS Person and His Vehicles?

The image scans are from a Bear Log Annual and the car picture from public domain.

I believe his car was this color too. I have ridden in his car when it was loaded with people in layers. A dance in Lead or Spearfish was the usual destination. What a charmed life he lived. Look at those neat loafers and rolled up jeans!

These vehicles are now classics.



Bill Berry's Henry J was maroon. Made quite a few trips to Lead and Spearfish dances. Was in the car when we had the accident at Tomahawk. I think that ended the life of the Henry J.

Reece 9-13-2009


Seems to me this car was a "Henry J" or something like that, or was that another one?

Yvonne 9-18-2009


Yes, the color of Bill's Henry J was maroon!

JanetT 9-29-2009


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