Monday, August 17, 2009

Old Signs and Old Memories ~ from the Beshara Collection

Woody's Heaven!! :)

Bill shown with the actual "Pop's Grabit N' Growl" sign from
Ken Lester's Pop Collin's cafe he moved around the corner onto Main Street
and was later closed in 1980's
A special article is planned about Pop Collins
and the original Grabit N' Growl

Bill says, in case you are wondering, Sandy's dad, Fred Gravelle owned the Rocky Cove
and also later on he owned the Gold Bar under the Franklin. He used to give
me 45rpm records from the jukebox. To bad I don't still have some of them!

Caroline said...

Too weird! Marge Bell sent me your blog link, she and I are acquainted because I stumbled on her blog. I live in Rapid City, Bill is an old friend, we often eat at their restaurant and those signs are all familiar. What a small world!


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