Thursday, August 20, 2009

Memories of the DHS Janitorial Staff ~ a Snapshot View

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Do you remember these gentle janitors quietly cleaning the Deadwood School Buildings? There was no dust to be seen anywhere. Everything was bright and gleaming. What was that magic odor that they put on the floors and mops? It was plain old good smelling SCHOOL ODOR. They did their job well so we could enjoy our school clean.

In 1971, Lead appended its name to the school and that does not excite DHS Classmates much. Even less appealing is the fact the school district has a plan to surplus the Deadwood School building. There is not much call for big buildings in Deadwood except for gambling. See and send Principal Nick Gottlob a comment about what you think of them selling DHS school building.

Anyway, back to these pictured gentlemen. Do you even remember their names? Mr. Drake is second from the left . . . Did you ever thank them personally or were they ever invited to be a part of any school recognition event? Well probably no, they attended before and after to make sure everything was clean for those events. There is no question they knew all of us and they took pride in each of us as we passed through the school system to graduation.

There is little evidence of DHS in the old Deadwood School Building. But we do have a meaningful bronze plaque displayed on the front stairs. In 2004, we had a rare a window of opportunity and School District cooperation. The plaque was commissioned and paid for by the classes of DHS54 and DHS55 to be shared with pride by all of DHS. The School District provided the installation:

So what about this DHS Janitorial Staff other than they are long gone? Well walk up into the school building and one of first things you will notice is THAT SAME WONDERFUL SCHOOL ODOR. It is just like the old days. Ahhh, the sense of smell can also call up great of memories too! Try it!


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