Friday, April 10, 2009

Notice DHS Classes 1951 thru 1958!

Morris Toppila said "Now listen up people!"  September 12, 2009 is the dinner date for the select 1951 thru 1958 graduates from Deadwood High School.  The place is "The Deadwood Social Club".  The social hour starts at 5 PM with dinner at 6:30 PM.  Please contact your designated Class Coordinator to indicate the number in your party.  Each Coordinator willl then contact the web site or Morris Toppila at for the final confirmation for the DHS Party and Dinner.  The cut off date is July 31, 2009.  You and your guest will be responsible for your bar tab, refreshments and dinner expenses.


Anonymous said...

Had thought the reunion group was 51-54, it seems to be growing. Am happy to get the update on this.

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