Friday, February 6, 2009

Drumming up DHS's past with the Deadwood High School Drum w/Vickie Rafael comment

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Photo credits to Bill Beshara~thanks for your long standing support  d2

Willie Steinlicth saved many items of DHS history that would have been hauled to the Deadwood city dump.  At the 2007 DHS reunion, Willie told us he had the Deadwood High School Drum head that Mr. Clark the band teacher created.   It has signatures of most seniors that played in the DHS Band from 1950 thru 1963.  Willie finally displayed the Deadwood High School Drum at the DHS 1954 Basketball Team Hall of Fame brunch last week.  For those of you that can make out your name, congratulations!  For those not visible join with me in trying to remember the Deadwood Drum.

In any case, thank you Willie for all the DHS history you have saved from destruction!

Comment from Vern Clark's Daughter Vickie Clark Rafael . . . 

Hello Dick,

When I call my Mother, I'll ask her about the drum head. I don't have a memory of Dad making it but I was little, born in '55. I do know he and his father, Charlie Clark, were very creative in many ways besides Dad's music. I'll let you know if Mom comes up with some recollections about that.  

I think I knew the Deadwood school buildings were for sale but forgot about it. I'm sure it will become a gambling place eventually but maybe not in the current economy for a while? Maybe gambling is recession proof? Nothing else seems to be, at least out west here. Deadwood has really changed over the years.

 I'll check out the website again to see what you've posted. My father would be amazed to be immortalized in cyberspace, something he never would have imagined. When we go to visit Mom we bring the laptop so she does eventually get to see the site too.


Thank you!   Vickie Clark Rafael

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