Monday, February 2, 2009

DHS 1954 Hall of Fame Report

Also see the award announcement article that follows this report.

The Deadwood High School 1954 Deadwood Bears Basketball Team won the 1954 South Dakota State “A” Basketball Championship Title.  This past week end they were inducted into the 2009 Lead-Deadwood High School Hall of Fame.   The award was presented to the 1954 DHS Team representatives Hank Frawley, Bill Beshara, and Willie Steinlicht.  The presentation was at the half time of the Lead and Newell boys and girls basketball game on Friday, January 30th.  

Molly Frawley reports, “The game acceptance was a matter of the Athletic Director, Steve Rice, announcing why the team was deserving of the recognition and handing over a plaque to Hank, Bill, and Willie. There was a picture taken with School Superintendent Dan Leikvold.  And if it gets in the paper we'll send it on. The picture was of all the inductees. I took a few pictures with Bill's camera.

On Saturday, we had a nice gathering. Tom Gorder's daughter, Cynthia, and husband, Mike Thomas came. Jeannine Jones and Carl/Fran Erickson, John and Anne Fillmore, Marcia Darland, Jan Thoresen, Bill and Sandy Beshara, Willie Steinlicht, Don Gross, Larry and Shirley Rounsevells.  Hank wore his letter sweater... He thanked everyone and shared some of the history of the team's success.. Made a reference to the intense rivalry with Lead.

Steve Rice really appreciated the articles we forwarded from Dave Klein. He shared how amazing it was for Deadwood to be both the A and B ('39, '40 I think) state champions. The plaque was returned to Steve Rice and will be hung with a picture of the team in Lead HS.”

Bill Beshara shared that Willie told an interesting story of his ride to Huron in Coach Burgess’s car with Dave Klein and others.

I should mention the Saturday brunch included some other school awards to Lead people.   A show of hands at the brunch showed about half were Deadwood.  I did not include extra pictures of them or their names . . .  DickD

The following pictures are a team effort of Molly Frawley, Don Gross, and Bill Beshara using Bill’s new Canon D40 SLR Digital "Flamethrower " Camera.  Thanks Molly, Don and Bill . . . and the camera too!!  :)

Select on pictures for larger viewing

2009 Hall of Fame Plaque

Molly Frawley and Sandy Beshara cheering for DHS at Lead

Hank and Willie (center picture) waiting for the halftime award

Bill, Dan Leikvold, Hank and Willie in award picture

Willie, Hank (holding award), and Bill

Willie, Bill, Jeannine Jones, Hank, and Fran Erickson showing award at Saturday Brunch

Athletic Director Steve Rice formal award at Brunch

Hank accepting award at Brunch.  Gad, his sweater still fits!!!

Willie and his interesting stories
The following items were saved over the years since . . .


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Thank you all so much for the writeups, the photos, the blog post - a real collaborative effort that is very much appreciated. Marge

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First a comment to post: Thank you for another great job on the basketball championship article. I enjoyed very much the article and the pictures both old and new. I would like to express my personal thanks to everyone who worked to have this accomplishment honored. It was important then and it is still important now. Also the personal comments were great. Katherine Hutcherson

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