Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Special Little Ole Deadwood Ladies

Pictures by Bill Beshara

"Nanny" Gravelle just celebrated her 94th Birthday with a Party! Shown here with her daughter Sandy Gravelle Beshara and son Vince Gravelle. Nanny run the front counter at the Colonial House Restaurant for many years. Many of us bought candy from her years ago when the Gravelle's owned and run Merritt Grocery at 93 Sherman Street in Deadwood. Happy Birthday Nanny!!

Vince has recently retired from a successful executive career in steel mill engineering. Sandy remains the best looking fixture at the Colonial House!

Mrs. Hazel Morthland happen by for the Birthday doings. She lit up when she heard it was a Deadwood Bunch. Just think, she is working on her second 100 years. We love you Mrs. Morthland!!


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