Thursday, July 24, 2008

DHS58 50 Year Reunion ~ July 18-20 2008 ~ by Karen Balderson

DHS58 50th Reunion Attendees Group (select image for larger view, back arrow to return to site)

Photo credit thanks to Bill Beshara

Marge and Connie did not attend

Sunday Brunch Slide Show

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During the registration and social hour on Friday at the VFW, everyone enjoyed exchanging memories of the years at Deadwood and catching up on all the changes in our lives in the years since graduation. It was so good to see and visit with classmates we hadn't seen for a lot of years. There were newspaper articles, yearbooks, and all kinds of memorabilia displayed to browse through; Gloria provided an astonishing amount of it!

Vince had quite a time getting everyone to stop talking long enough to go through the buffet line and have something to eat! Our thanks to Roz for making the arrangements for the evening . We had invited those in the area to join us after dinner and several from the area came and spent time with us. Our school mascot "Peppy" was also on hand!

We came together again on Saturday evening for a social hour and dinner at the Deadwood Social Club where Muriel had arranged for us to have a private room for the occasion. We each chose from a list of four entrees. Again, there was lots of conversation as we continued to catch up on all the changes that had transpired in our lives in the last 50 years!

Vince and Glenrose graciously hosted a brunch at their beautiful home in Lead on Sunday morning.

The weather was great and we were able to enjoy the good food and time together on their deck. Again, we were joined by others in the area, and nearly all of those who were able to be here for the reunion were at the brunch. Our thanks to Vince and Glenrose for their generosity and hospitality.

Sadly, there are a number of the 1958 graduating class who did not respond, some we were not able to locate, and nine from our original class who have died.

When will we have another reunion? That hasn't been decided yet! Let us know what you think!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your editing! The man next to Doug Luger in the class photo who was not listed by name is Robert Travis, science teacher who has attended nearly all of our class reunions.

Thanks to Bill for getting that photo to you!

Karen B.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't come to the reunion, but I'm certainly enjoying the pictures and the memories. Who are the two ladies behind Judy and Rozelle?

Marge Bell

Florida Beach Basics said...

Received the reunion booklet in today's mail - it is WONDERFUL! Thanks to everybody that put it together - I am sure it was a lot of work, but please know that your efforts are appreciated.

Warm regards
Marge Bell

Unknown said...

This was intresting I am Gordon Albin now 70 I was in miss Smiths 1st grade class.There was only one first grade class but first and second gredes were togather

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