Sunday, February 21, 2016

Oppose Lead Deadwood School District Study Options that either abandon or re-purpose the 1924 Brick Deadwood School Building

The Lead Deadwood School District met briefly on 2-09-16, toured the Deadwood School Building and issued new "Code Words" to throw the 1924 Deadwood School Building under the bus. Superintendent LEIKVOLD along with KOSTERS, and KARPINEN want "BETTER EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT FOR CHILDREN" AND "BETTER BUILDING INFRASTRUCTURE". THESE ARE ACTUALLY CODE WORDS FOR GETTING RID OF THE 1924 DEADWOOD SCHOOL BUILDING!! They agreed and are going to hire consultants to study four options. The first three options are smoke screen ideas that involve Deadwood location and the fourth is their desired "move everthing to Lead".

The 1924 Deadwood School Building that has stood for years as fully functioning school. It was emasculated in 1972 and become part of the Lead Deadwood School District centered in Lead. Now it's final death knell is close!  The old 1886 portion of the school was lost to arson fire in 1985.  The whole 1924 brick school building was completely reburished and that time.

Mr. Burger who served 36 years as Superintendent of the Deadwood School District was saddened by this 1972 merger and confided to his family that it would be the end of the Deadwood School. All the school records in his office safe were doomed to be misplaced or lost. Little did Mr. Burger know the extent of Deadwood School artifacts like trophies/awards and anything representing Deadwood School like auditorium chairs and the famous pine tree stage backdrop.

We all need to oppose The Deadwood School Building loss or sad commercial re-purposing.

We need a NEW Dr. Howe's determined Deadwood School support and the spirit of Charlie Keene to face the opposition. 

Read the following historical link about the The Deadwood School :


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