Monday, June 4, 2012

Who is this DHS1939 Graduate? by Jerry Bryant

Jerry Bryant a long time web site supporter and contributor is asking if any viewers can identify the following lad.  Contact me if you have an idea.

Here is a list of male names of DHS1939 Graduates:

Warren Anderson, Dale Beardshear, Jackson Berry, Albert Bobrick, Alan Coburn, Lowell Ellis, Dewey Gulley, Charles Hardin, Henry Hurley, Ralph Johnson, George Larson, Robert McCamish, Jack McMaster, Roger Nesbitt, Lawrence Ogilvie, Donald Pringle, Robert Ruth, Earling Sanborn, James Sanders, Bernard Shea, James Sherman, Anton Sperling, Dean Starr, Donald Stoner, Clyde Thompson, Howard Thompson, Arnold Thoresen, Caryle Timm, Francis Vancas, Orville Whitelock, Duane Winburn, Walter Wiswell. 

Assuming Francis Vancas is a male (usually females are Frances).  Earling Sanborn - male?

DickD - June 20, 2012:
Contributor Yvonne says Francis is "Shorty" Vancus.
Contributor Jene say he knew Francis as "Goose".  His guess on the lad's name is Duane Winburn based on family likeness.


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