Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DHS1915 Commencement Views by Jerry Bryant

I am very pleased  to have Jerry Bryant remain a frequent contributor for the web site. He continues to research and share interesting and noteworthy historical information.

DHS1915 was housed in the two school buildings built on the high ground after the 1883 Deadwood flood where the current school building now stands at 716 Main Street and the end of Pine Street.  The front main building was replaced by the current building in 1924.  Dr. Howe led a very contentious fight and city vote for the necessary $250,000 bond issue. See 1924 Deadwood School posting.  The DHS1915 Commencement was held in the Deadwood Theater which burned down in 1952. 

The rear second building remained the back portion of the high school. The top floor was the memorable study hall and library.  Sadly this old portion of the school burned down in 1985 by two youth's arson.  The 1924 building was saved and remains in service today.

Fires have devastated Deadwood for it's entire history.

Following are Jerry Bryant's scans of the DHS1915 Commencement:


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