Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Doris Day and Howard Keel - The Black Hills Of Dakota

Man, just look at all of the Hilljacks** riding along in that wagon and singing their hearts out for the Black Hills of Dakota. Kinda makes you wish you had never left doesn't it?

Jim Hennen

Jim's Comment:

Glad you liked it, Dick. My little note that I wrote was intended for a couple of neat folks that came up here from Colorado about 16 months ago and found work here. They had owned a summer home here in our development for about 9 years and then made it their permanent home. He joked about his not being able to adjust to the Hilljacks** around here and they just did sell their home here and are moving back to CO. He is down there now at his new job and his wife is staying until her job is done in Rapid City. She is coming over for supper tomorrow night. We are sure going to hate to see them leave. Really nice people. He will be 65 years old this year but can't seem to settle down. I guess they move about every 5 years or so.

The blog looks great and I'm sure many of the old DHS folks around the country will get a kick out of it. I did send it to Kurt Machler just for fun.

**Hilljacks . . . an impoverished person living in a remote rural area; a hillbilly ; "with the hilljacks" -used to indicate a person who lives far away from his/her group of friends.



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