Sunday, October 24, 2010

Black Hills History Discovered by Ann Stanton

Ann Haber Stanton
South Dakota Jewish Historian
Photo courtesy Ann Stanton

My dear friends and family,

My book is in the publisher's hands and my self-imposed solitary confinement of the past month or two has at last ended. Whew! Of course, now comes the editing.

Title: Jewish Pioneers of the
Black Hills Gold Rush; the First Fifty Years.

It'll be another year before it sees daylight.
Arcadia, the publisher, is doing quite well with this series of local histories (covers mostly the midwest and the west , I think); unfortunately, it's not so rewarding to the authors. At least the story will be out and people won't go around saying baloney like what I've seen on the web: "there was only one Jew in Deadwood and that was Sol Star." Bullfeathers!

I feel honored to be the one who finally gets to tell this story. It'll be an easy read, 'cause this is mostly pictures.

Think "JEWISH PIONEERS OF THE BLACK HILLS GOLD RUSH" and please wish me luck!


DickD Comment:

Ann’s long term vision, discovery, and planning is many years old. I have known of her book activity for several years. It is very exciting for me today that her efforts are now announced. Ann’s amazing historical and writing ability proves that fresh new history is always waiting to be discovered.


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