Monday, August 2, 2010

John Crane's Black Hills Historic Preservation Trust ~ Revisited

Jon Crane is a famous Black Hills Artist and also an art teacher and friend of my late Mother. My Mother passed away years ago but her watercolor art class lesson of the Sylvan Lake Lodge proudly hangs on our wall. She got an "A" with her determination . . . Jon told me, he remembers her well! The Lodge burned down in 1935 and it remains a land mark historical image of the beautiful Sylvan Lake SD.

Jon Crane's various web links are long time favorites of dhsclassmates web site. In addition to his Watercolor Artwork, Jon is an avid Black Hills Preservation Supporter of the Meeker Ranch and Gold Mountain Mine. He is a founder, along with 19 others, of the Black Hills Historic Preservation Trust. It is nice to note that the Deadwood Historic Preservation Committee recently allocated a $7500 grant to this Preservation Trust. This grant match money will support an August 16-20, 2010 volunteer re-roofing of the the Meeker Ranch. Skip Tillisch, Trust President, is looking for skilled roofing volunteers.

Enjoy Jon's embedded video and also select links to view new web site, Facebook page and Flickr images. The video and links are copyright protected and courtesy of Jon Crane and Jessica Swanson.

Select on following image for new web page.

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