Thursday, March 12, 2009

Old Style Saloon No. 10 Is Up for Sale

After 45 years the Keehn family is selling this historic Deadwood location business. The business includes the famous Main Street saloon, the upstairs Deadwood Social Club restaurant and neighboring Utters Place. For more details and colorful history see the RC Journal article. 

Kevin Costner was a regular at the Old Style when he was first attracted to Deadwood during his movie "Dances with the Wolves".  He and his Brother Dan bought the "New York Store" building at 677 Main Street.  The building was gutted and rebuilt as a new four floor "Midnight Star" gaming establishment.  It included Kevin's movie memorabilia displays, casual eating area, and a then exclusive 5 Star restaurant.  The Midnight Star was the saloon name used in Kevin's "Silverado" movie.

Deadwood Gaming is now nearly 20 years old and is growing with newer and grander establishments. Proponents of Deadwood Gaming could never have imagined the actual growth which passed the $1 Billion mark in 2007.  Deadwood Gaming taxes have provided for new installed city infrastructure services of water, sewer, power and gas.  The whole city Deadwood city area is a State/National Historic Landmark District so it must be maintained to preserve the architectural intent of its period.  New gaming/services establishments offer new versions of the historical period and older establishments struggle to renew and compete with the new and attractive. The old Deadwood was never designed with major parking needs in mind.  Deadwood continues to change and holds to its historical transient growth nature.  Deadwood Gaming provides a veneer of new and renewed buildings that offer limited growth, service sector employment.  The Deadwood average income is about half of the national average.  However, Deadwood continues to reinvent itself and was nominated as #2 of the Top 10 True Western Towns in 2008 <==Click.

See neat slide show . . . No. 10 Saloon Slide Show . <==Click

Interesting items:  The Deadwood Gaming buildings may soon become smoke free.  Also the most popular slot machines now are the penny slots.  These slots are big money makers for Deadwood and the State.  The nickel slots are quickly being converted to penny.  New slot machines are now multi-denominational.


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I hope just the right person buys it and keeps the memory alive.

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